Mac Group being a pioneering de-construction Group in Auckland always work hand in hand with Environment sustainability. Mac Group handles large scale deconstruction works, generally these materials get sent to landfill but using a new method to send the materials such as Carpet, wood, cabinets, doors, lights, electrical cable, glass sheets, toilet fittings and furniture to Tonga to help the local community in need.

The demolished materials from our iconic projects such as 246 Queen Street, 33 Federal St, 60 Khyber Pass Rd, DIA Carlaw Park, 107 Carlton Gore Rd has been sent to Tonga. Mac Group have already sent the following materials to Tonga

  • 10,000 sqm carpet tile
  • 100 sheets of glass
  • 250 doors
  • 40ft containers of 4×2 wooden stud
  • 30 cabinets
  • 40 sinks & Toilets